Transcontinental countries, also known by the term ‘intercontinental states’, are nations that span across more than one continent. Yet the meaning of ‘transcontinental’ is able to implicate countries in a way the media sees fit, contrary to its geographical definition. Explained by the Oxford Dictionary as “crossing a continent”, the definition does not account for the way these countries can be tactically perceived by mass media outlets in Western civilisations. Is this a case of tackling fake news? No, more like another ‘grey area’ amongst global culture and society. 
Some of the few countries that reside over the intersection of two or more borders include: Egypt, Russia and Azerbaijan. Similarly, to Russia, Turkey – a positive other – also finds itself between the lines, separated by Europe and Asia making it prone to sham reporting by Western Media outlets. An interesting Journal Article titled, “The Portrayal of Turkey in the British Media” written by Yusuf Devran questions how the force of the Western Media is tactically able to control the ideologies and stereotypical misconceptions of intercontinental cultures to citizens of the European Union. Thus, resulting in depraved cultural awareness and the deliberate hindrance of future cross-national business, new projects and strategies.  
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