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Is your home your new office? Over the last 12 months thousands of organisations have designed new models to adapt to the limitations of living and working through a global pandemic. Office based employees who work for companies like Coinbase and Facebook have invested considerably in tools that enable remote working in order to sustain their place in the market.
2020 may be over but coronavirus is not, and it continues to control the way millions of people live and interact. Both home and work life has changed for the many, particularly those of us that have had to scrap office-centric work environments and adapt to working from home. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we have all had to adjust drastically. The UK’s government enforced tier strategy has obliged us to accept retail, restaurant, pub, club and even school closures, leaving us with not much else to do other than work from home, if we are able to.
Despite some people complaining that remote working is “cramping, boring and lonely”, we also know that employees are becoming increasingly appreciative over a positive day-to-day experience at the workplace. This and many other factors play a vital part when measuring levels of job satisfaction...
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